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Our teams deliver best in class work across Online & Offline Advertising, PPC Advertising, Internet Marketing, Digital Media Planning & Buying, Media Production, Guerrilla Marketing, Data Science, Online marketing and Digital PR.

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As 360° advertising agency, we add your branding and sales strategy into the mix to create a complete picture with our services; Brand Positioning, Content Planning, Campaign Management, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Advertising and Traditional Offline Advertising

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Our media production team works with our clients to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and create meaningful digital marketing services. We are specialized in Creative Graphic & Motion, Video Production, Film Production, Digital Marketing Content Creation, Art Direction, App Design, Social Media Marketing Content and Media Adaptation.

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We bring them together in a manner where marketing efficiency is highly amplified by specially targeted (like geo-targeting) web marketing, via which we implement mobile advertising, Google advertising, Youtube advertising, Facebook advertising, various social media advertising and PPC advertising campaigns
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Who We Are?

Scarlet is a digital communication partner located in 35 countries across 4 continents focused on digital communication and consultancy.

We build long term relations while deeply comprehending our clients’ businesses, in order to develop effective strategies and solutions in line with their business plans and goals. Our portfolio spans luxury, retail, culture, food and drink, charity and professional services.

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Our Services

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is both simple and complex art. We define ourselves as “digital craftsmen”. We pour our hearts and souls into our projects to become the best advertising agency in your brand’s history.

Video Production

As a leading video and film production house, Scarlet designers love to build interactive, engaging and modern motion pictures, complying with the latest digital standards.

Social Media Marketing

We use the best paid and organic social media tools to reach the right people with the right message. Social media marketing lets our clients get measurable results in their campaigns. Scarlet always defines engagement as the first priority KPI during social campaigns.

Branding Agency

We always prefer booking digital and traditional channels with similar styles that reinforce your brand’s message to the same audience more than once. Digital marketing brings best results when accompanied with parallel offline mediums.

Global Marketing

As marketing consultants, we offer strategic thinking, business modeling and experienced media planning to both mature and growing companies around the world.

Marketing Communication

Through our network of editors, bloggers, aficionados (e.g foodies), we use online presence as a marketing tool to help to position your business towards its core target audience to drive sales and/or raise awareness.

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Top Tips to Use Brand Designs to Digitize Your Small Business
Dec / 23

Top Tips to Use Brand Designs to Digitize Your Small Business

in Dubai, SEO, 360 digital agency, Digital Marketing, Advertising Agency, Dubai, Digital Agency, Digital Marketing, Dubai, full service digital agency, Marketing Agency, Dubai, SEO company Dubai, Dubai, Social Media Agency

For small companies to compete effectively in today’s competitive business landscape, they need to stand out. What sets you apart from the next company offering the same service? Investing in a unique and captivating brand design won’t only differentiate your business from the rest, but also attract customers.   However, smart businesses are present on […]

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Social Media in 2020: Do you need a full scope digital agency in Dubai?
Nov / 26

Social Media in 2020: Do you need a full scope digital agency in Dubai?

in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advertising Agency, Dubai, Digital Agency, Dubai, Social Media, Dubai, Social Media Agency

Social Media in 2020: Do you need a full scope digital agency in Dubai? Given the importance of social media in the lives of end-users, companies flock to digital media platforms to reach their target consumer audience. However, there is a content overload on social platforms and the competition is quite high. In 2020 it […]

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The Difference Between Paid Search and Organic Search
Nov / 25

The Difference Between Paid Search and Organic Search

in Digital Marketing

A search engine is a wonderful method that is used to find out information on the internet. If you already know exactly what you’re looking for, a search engine is the best way to find it. When you run a search on the internet, there are two types of search results: Organic and Paid. Organic […]

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