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Jun / 17

Advertising Agency

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Advertising Agency

Advertising agency 13 years ago, Scarlet was an advertising agency. Not anymore. We still create ads but these days we are more concentrated on organic marketing for brands and work as marketing consultants. We have a rule of thumb: Whatever we do, it must lead to measurable results for the brand.

We’re an ideas company. We love to create bold ideas that work so well that they grow and become permanent business solutions. We believe we are more than an advertising agency, more like marketing partners of our clients.


Whether you’re a global brand facing a penetration issue to a new market or a start-up company trying to find your niche – we can help you boost your potential and express better who you are to your customers. From changing internal processes and culture, to discovering your story, to honing the way you write, your logo, look and feel. It’s all part of how we help you create and maintain a deeper relationship with your target audience. This is more than what an advertising agency does.

PR & Events:

We don’t just get your story on the headlines. We support you to tell the right story in the right direction. Advertising agency team of ex-journalists, event planners, social media advertisers and marketing experts can manage and monitor your reputation, wherever and whenever your community see you.

Advertising Agency Campaigns:

Get your TA’s attention with an ad campaign that interests them. We design and populate ideas that solves  your problems – distinct ideas that make sense for your company, product and T. Then our team of  advertising agency experienced designers, copywriters and planners bring it to life across traditional and digital media.

Digital Advertising

Technology changes fast. But our fast-thinking marketers and developers are ready to ensure you keep up with the new ways people consume information. In fact, we design and generate penetration strategies. We  improve user experience, make email marketing campaigns, enhance SEO and manage PPC campaigns. SEO has a very crucial part even before making any digital advertising and therefore needs special attention.

Briefly, Scarlet is a full-service 360 B2B and B2C marketing consultancy firm, but not an advertising agency. We see our role as living at the intersection of data and creativity. We are making life better for brands and their buyers.

Regardless of technology or medium, challenge of advertising is to create inspiring ideas and bringing them to life in unignorable ways that motivates us to work every day. We are never afraid of complexity and we possess serious skills in media buying, data analytics and marketing technologies. We’re all about getting your brand the credit it deserves, more than an advertising agency potentially does.



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