Nov / 26

Social Media in 2020: Do you need a full scope digital agency UAE?

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Social Media in 2020: Do you need a full scope digital agency UAE? Given the importance of social media in the lives of end-users, companies flock to digital media platforms to reach their target consumer audience. However, there is a content overload on social platforms and the competition is quite high. In 2020 it will […]

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Nov / 04

5 Steps for Perfect SEO Dubai

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5 Steps for Perfect SEO Dubai In organic search there is a process of discovery and then overlay. Discovery is defining what sites that ranked above you in Google and overlay is then taking that knowledge and correcting the discrepancies within your own site. Scarlet Media, a SEO expert Dubai shares some details with you. […]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO services are designed to increase visibility with in the organic search results to deliver high quality and targeted traffic to your website. SEO Audit, keyword and market research, on-page/off-page SEO and as well as SEO consultancy are all parts of SEO services provided by SEO companies. How SEO Works Keywords matter in the online world and choosing the right keyword is crucial for businesses to succeed. Keyword research is an integral element of SEO. It is a delicate science involving research in to search patterns, keyword relevancy, market analysis, and even consumer behavior. At Scarlet, a top SEO agency Dubai, we specialize in smart keyword research, we offer advice on all aspects of your SEO strategy. We help you conduct detailed, insightful keyword research to get every thing started the right way. The right SEO strategy will gain your business enhanced brand awareness and prestige and superb return on investment (ROI). SEO enables you to reach your target audience with ease and increase website visibility and usability. SEO company Dubai is an agency that provides professional digital services for personal, corporate or commercial web pages. SEO agency ensure sits customers to be listed in the top rankings in search engines with various SEO packages. By doing all the technical SEO processes of your web page, in other words, internal and external SEO, it takes you a few steps ahead of your other competitors. An SEO company provides periodic reports to keep track of your site's SEO process and keep you informed of your progress. Since 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, choosing the right SEO agency for your business is the key point.
Sep / 27

Organic Marketing Companies in Dubai

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Organic Marketing Companies in Dubai Even paid advertising and organic marketing are totally on the opposite side, just like in a magnet, they attract each other. Many brands prefer paid ads to get faster results on sales campaigns by accepting the risk of low ROI. Many marketing companies in Dubai encourage paid ads to get […]

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Sep / 23

4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Social Media Marketing Agency

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REASON 1: Developing a Professional Social Media Strategy At Scarlet, a leading social media marketing agency, we start monitoring your social media with a social media strategy. We produce creative and advanced social media strategies to build your brand, gain exposure and audience (i.e. customers). We analyze your social media space and determine the best […]

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May / 23

Google Attribution is a free and easy way to evaluate marketing efforts

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At Google’s Marketing Next conference, the company is announcing a new beta for Google Attribution, a free tool for examining the role that different marketing strategies play in customer purchasing decisions. Regardless of device or marketing channel, Google wants Attribution to be a home for evaluating marketing campaigns. By creating a tight loop between strategy, […]

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Mar / 02

Ritson: P&G’s Marc Pritchard has made the biggest marketing speech for 20 years

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Marc Pritchard is not a big man. There is no definitive reference to his actual height in any of the extensive bios of Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer but, if I had to guess, I’d say he stands about 5’11” in his stocking feet. On Sunday, however, Pritchard cast a very long shadow across […]

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Nov / 18

WhatsApp Tests Its Version of Snapchat Stories

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If Facebook can copy Snapchat and Instagram can copy Snapchat, why shouldn’t WhatsApp copy Snapchat? Manish Singh of Mashable reported that the Facebook-owned messaging application is testing a feature called Status that mirrors Snapchat Stories. According to Singh, the Status feature is included in the newest public beta versions of WhatsApp’s iOS and Android apps, […]

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Nov / 17

From Insight to Action: How Data-Driven Marketing Is Supporting Big Decisions

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Data analytics can work wonders. Highly datadriven organizations are three times more likely to report significant improvement in decisionmaking, according to PwC research. Yet, 62% of executives still rely more on experience and advice than data to make decisions. Why? We all like to believe in our own instincts, but while that may be natural, […]

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Nov / 12

5 Online Video Trends to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan

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When it comes to online video, one word summarizes the trends in consumer behavior: “more.” The insights below show consumers are spending more time on more devices with more focus and passion for online video than ever. Does online video deserve more of a role in your 2017 media plan as a result?

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