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The Most Efficient Digital Agency Dubai in 2020

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What Is A Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a marketing company that provides online strategic direction for social media engagement, search engine optimization and digital branding based on products and services of clients. And one thing is for certain, in an era that’s called as “digital age” having a well established and professionally supported digital image is extremely important. If you are looking for a digital agency Dubai offers many alternatives. But which one to choose and why?The days when people were using their screened devices just to reach for information are long gone, now we don’t only check the screens but actually making our final decisions and purchases based on the images that are shown on them. Simply, screen sells. 

Why Scarlet Media as Digital Agency Dubai?

As being one of the most important commercial and cultural hubs in the Middle East, Dubai is in the forefront of digital and technological development in the area and is a very social city. In such a place where people are familiar with the digital media tools in their lives, only the best, the most accurate and sophisticated actions can stand out and help forming a desired perception for your business. In order to get the highest ROI, a digital agency should support its clients with know-how in the specific location and it must be a full service digital communication partner that delivers branding, social development, marketing, media production and analytics solution to brands. At Scarlet Digital Agency in Dubai, we are specialized on these fields, with each department has its own expert members aiming for the results.

What Services Does Scarlet Offer?

  • Branding Consultancy, Marketing Strategy Development
  • Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing 
  • Data Analytics and SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing

Scarlet digital agency Dubai,  specializes on branding, marketing, advertising, SEO, SEM, retargeting, content production, email marketing and many other online services. What’s more Scarlet also has a team of coders for web site production, SAAS and email marketing.

Building Digital Presence – Branding Consultancy

Your brand is your business. So when it comes to shaping perception, having a strong digital agency as your partner will help you connect with users in a crowded digital space. At Scarlet, leading digital agency in UAE, we build digital-ready brands that are authentic, memorable, and deeply attuned to their audiences. We position your brand in the digital platforms parallel to your branding strategy, shape feelings surrounding your brand and convert users into brand advocates who would champion your brand.

As a part of our branding solutions, first step is always to define who the brand is and how to express your brand’s pros. We initially organize discovery sessions to get to know your key stakeholders and to get an in-depth look at your business objectives. As a next step we carry out market research to understand the marketplace and competitors and finally create a digital road map for your brand and action plan on its digital evolution.

Social Media Management

The ability to reach consumers at every stage of their journeys has helped social media become the most powerful factor in their purchasing decisions. Social media has accelerated the speed of brand communication and your brand’s ability in keeping up with the pace of this new environment is crucial for its long-term online success. It is the reason our digital team at Scarlet uses data analytics and insights to drive quality of the content we create and the efficiency of the messages we build.

With this as our basis, Scarlet develops social content to forge memorable emotional connections with your target audience that increase engagement and reach across earned, owned and paid channels. As a digital agency Dubai, we provide a range of social services to help you directly market your offerings through online media.

Media Production

Scalet offers a full-service media production that has the capability to create your entire digital content calendar, Youtube commercials, explainer videos and animations from start to finish. Chances are good that your marketing strategy will include some combination of web, online advertising, TV, and radio. In all of these mediums, audio and video production is the key. Our in-house production team has created effective, successful projects because we truly enjoy bringing new innovative ideas to life.

At Scarlet Video Studio, we create contents for Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, as well as for TV and mobile platforms. Our video production team creates compelling and impactful content for multiple platforms. We first start with discovery and ask questions to understand your target audience, then we strategize on who we target, how we target, and where we target. Once the strategy of the initiatives are decided on, we create all deliverables matching the expectations of budgets and timetables, and finally, when the production of the video is successfully done we implement it to social channels with the right message

Data Analytics and SEO

Like for every digital agency, data is everything for us. Data a compass leading the way. We have invested in building our own advanced social media analytics platform to collect data through and to decide what works and what does not for your brand, who your audience is, and most importantly how to get your ROI higher. We use Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, Semrush, Ahrefs to understand where your web site get the traffic from and to which pages.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing services focus on two areas: organic and paid search results. Organic is SEO, paid is SEM. Our digital team at Scarlet digital agency Dubai builds a highly focused campaign for the largest and most targeted audiences for our clients. We combine both organic and paid search options to ensure that your business becomes more visible in the search results. With search engine marketing, we buy placements based on impressions, clicks, and more on Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo. But that’s not all. Managing ad panels and getting more traffic with lower costs necessitates our team to manage complex algorithms like search impression share, negative keywords, etc. You can connect Scarlet digital team at to receive a presentation file explaining all these details for SEM.

Need For a Digital Agency in UAE

Building a brand identity has always required strategic clarity. But today, great branding requires an unwavering focus on fostering authentic connections as you navigate through digital touch-points, platforms, and trends. At Scarlet, a digital agency in UAE, our solutions help our clients grow their digital presence across social channels, VR, AR, search engines and the entire web distinguishing their brands from the competition.

For established brands, Scarlet takes feedback from key stakeholders, such as users, customers, boards of directors and management to create a strategy to better position them in the marketplace.

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