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Digital Marketing Services In Dubai

Scarlet Media is an established communication agency offering boutique and proven digital marketing services in Dubai and the Middle East..

Dubai is one of the toughest markets in the world in terms of digital marketing. Here content is the king and word of mouth is the queen. As an experience digital marketing firm in Dubai, Turkey and Middle East, Scarlet Media and its local marketing teams are ready to serve you for your needs related to digital marketing and PR, digital advertising, mobile advertising and social media management. As a leading digital marketing agency, Scarlet not only helps global brands adapting their content to local markets but also creates native content for internet marketing. Some of crucial services that any agency must offer for digital marketing services in Dubai are video production/adaptation, media production, motion graphics, content design and manipulation. That’s the main reason why we call our services “360 degree” digital agency

Our core skills are clearly defined and we offer a full range of thru-the-line marketing strategies that will help our clients to reach short and long term goals. Most of our clients prefer to call us a “partner” / “mentor” instead of an ad agency. The main reason for this, is our truly integrated marketing approach to understand the dynamics of client business / brand strategy and long term goals before making any media plans or taking any marketing actions.

Internet Marketing Service in Dubai

Crucial Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

Our Process and collaboration across our collective creative, digital and production teams allow for greater continuity and quality of output – delivering best in class work across multiple channels, platforms and markets.

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Content Development
  • Facebook / Instagram / Youtube Advertising
  • Organic Follower Growth
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google ads)
  • SEO (Search Engine Oprtimisation)
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Offline (Traditional) Advertising
  • Multi-platform Advertising
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Door to door Marketing (Turkey, Middle East and Europe)
  • Data Science
  • Web Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • E-commerce Integration
  • PPC, CPC Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation
  • 3d Animation and Rendering
  • Web Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Research
  • High ROI Advertising
  • Digital PR (Turkey, Middle East and Europe)
  • Social Media Engagament
  • Social Media Production
  • Social Media Advertising (Turkey, Middle East and Europe)



Our approach considers three key areas; Brand’s Target Audience; The Product and Business Drivers. Studying them allows us to gain insights and build a foundation over what we will create together. We forget about the marketing part until we feel the consumer behavior thoroughly.


Target Audience

Knowing the audience habits matters. What do they do online, what do they read, what are their favorite other brands, what triggers their purchasing behavior? Whether it’s branding or a sales campaign, we investigate the business drivers that sell the brand. Aligned with the marketing strategy, we develop creative ways to reach the audience. Moreover, the strategy team also prefers to explore previous campaign ROI to find the weak points and avoid repeating them. Defining the right target audience is the stem of digital marketing services Dubai.


Media Selection

According to the plan created in 1, Scarlet digital media team builds up the media plan with High-ROI approach. Before any web marketing campaign, we prefer to explore your target audience’s ad behavior via test campaigns. We read the statistics and highlight the ads that generate more leads, more views and clicks.


Campaign Management

By monitoring the results and feedback from the tests, we plan the campaign to spend the budget as wisely as possible, to maintain the highest ROI and the highest reach possible . Digital marketing campaigns are always monitored on a daily basis which gives us the full control and opportunity to sort unexpected returns out, if any.


Digital PR

Boosting the social presence of the brand is crucial to sustain the High ROI advertising strategy. This organic SEO can be done by engaging influencers and third party spokespeople. To stoke the fire and keep the story going, we aim to build long-term fans by creating and sharing blog content, strong imagery, exciting videos to our wide network. The biggest plus though, is the opportunities afforded when digital PR interacts with traditional. For any digital marketing firm Dubai offers many options for digital PR.


We bring them together in a manner where marketing efficiency is highly amplified by specially targeted (like geo-targeting) web marketing, via which we implement mobile advertising, Google advertising, Youtube advertising, Facebook advertising, various social media advertising and PPC advertising campaigns

CPC/CPM/CPL Advertising

Most of the digital ads work on cost per click, impression, view and unique view basis. For advanced digital marketing, we use Affiliate Networks which help us to build cost per lead campaigns

Mobile Advertising

Scarlet’s media buying tech platform allows brands to seamlessly and instantly access over 30.000 global sites and apps covering every possible audience and sector. We encourage brands to use our innovative ad formats that elevate the mobile experience.

Digital Media Production

Be it motion graphics production for Instagram or Hollywood effects on a premium TV commercial, our video production studio located in Istanbul, Turkey takes care of any need. Check our reel here.

Social App Production and Management

Facebook and Instagram contests, polls, sweepstakes, giveaways, hashtag contests, coupons, landing pages, user-generated contents is the new era of crowd-sourcing for many brands.


We redesign people’s relationships with the world around them. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and create meaningful digital experiences.

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Design
  • Mini Site Development
  • Web Site Design and Development

We redesign people’s relationships with the world around them. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and create meaningful digital experiences.

  • Social Media Production
  • Mobile Ad Production
  • Facebook Ad Production
  • Mobile App Development
  • Instagram Ad Production
  • Mobile Game Development

We redesign people’s relationships with the world around them. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and create meaningful digital experiences.

  • Digital Media Adaptation
  • Press Ads Adaptation
  • Web Marketing Adaptation
  • Voice-over and Music

We redesign people’s relationships with the world around them. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and create meaningful digital experiences.

  • Film Production
  • Youtube Content Creation
  • Ad music and effects
  • Soundtrack Production
  • Video Production

Trusted Digital Marketing Firm in Dubai

Among the Dubai advertising agencies, Scarlet aims to create a difference in giving boutique service to its clients, especially for multinational ones. If you are looking for a digital advertising company in Dubai, we are always here to support us in all above mentioned services.

Scarlet Media is also well known for social media advertising and programmatic advertising. Especially companies with global content seeking for a global media planning and marketing communication agency are treated with professionalism. This gives us a unique advantage in digital advertising agency Dubai rankings.

Our integrated marketing approach helps us to manage communication strategy of premium brands through various aspects.

Our clients can benefit from our services without any limit:

Scarlet Video Studio:

  • Digital Video Production Studio for any castless digital commercials
  • Professional Green Box Video Studio and equipment for btl commercials and virals
  • Digital Ads production
  • Creative Adaptation, mainly for magazine and outdoor ads
  • HTML production, Strip Ad (TV) production

Scarlet Music Studio:

  • Voiceover and music studio for any voiceover services
  • Semi – professional voiceover talents
  • Jingle and radio commercial production

We would love to meet you in a mutually convenient time to discuss further about our experience in the media universe.

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