Tools to Check your Website Rankings in Google

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Tools to Check your Website Rankings in Google


The user or web owner must spend quality time to make his/her website top-ranked in front of search engines like Google or Bing. The users do struggle and great efforts for the success of their online business. They should also keep the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) in their minds. This process of optimization must incorporate the addition of targeted keywords on each page of the website.

But after spending a hard time to lift your website to the top of the search result pages, attracting more traffic to the website organically, or forcing them to focus on their web content; the web owners want to know the rank of their website but how? Let’s discuss the tool that will assist them to check their rankings in Google in a better way.

Properties that a good keyword position checker contain:

  • Pricing packages- This feature will tell the user how much he/she has to pay to use its paid version.
  • Free limitations – Some google keyword ranking tools offer the users to use the services free of cost but for a limited time. So this property will enable the user to get to know about those free limitations.
  • Historical rank checking – This feature will inform about how the rankings of your website differ with time.
  • Competitor’s analysis – The user will also be able to know about the ranking of his/her competitor’s website.
  • Location and device tracking – the rank checker can be used to know about the ranking of any device or location.
  • Easy to utilize – The customer will guess how easy the google rank checker is to be used. Some of the keyword position checkers provide a user- friendly interface but some of them fail to facilitate the users in this way.

Suggested the best google ranking checker:

Here we are going to discuss some of the best quality producing rank checker:

It will come up with a lot of favored features. For example, the user is welcome to enter the keywords that he can enter 5 keywords at a time, so the tool will return the score in answer. If it answers with the number “1”, it will mean that your website is ranking at the number one rank with the usage of entered keywords in front of Google. In more simple words, if the tool returns an answer like “15”, it will be the indication of the idea that the website is standing at the 15th number in Google search results.

This Google keyword ranking checker will allow you to check the competitor’s website also by inserting any keyword. The users will take it simple to use. All the hassle a user has to do is just to enter the domain and keyword. The user will get instant results.


This google ranking checker will track your website’s progress day by day. It will show you the instant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. It also provides two main tools that are named as SERPChecker and KWFinder. It provides the following pay packages:

  • To use the basic version, the user will pay $49 per month.
  • To use the premium version, the user has to pay $69 per month.
  • The Agency version will ask to pay $129 per month.

But the user can use it free for 10 days as a free trial. The position of the keyword as average, current, or best will be shown in a chart. The search volume and position change of a keyword in percentage form is also given on that chart. It is easy to utilize as you can delete, change, or rename a keyword at any time. It will enable you to compare and view your ranking position on distinct devices just in one graph.


This google ranking checker will let you use its best tool named position tracking tool. It will help you to check the rank of a website for a specific or targeted keyword. It offers such 28 tools to its users but not for free. The user will be provided with an On-Page-SEO checker, Site Audit tool, Brand Monitoring, and much more.  The users have to look at the following pay packages:

  • Pro versions can be used by paying $99.95 per month.
  • Guru version will be useful after paying $199.95 per month.
  • The business version will entertain the user if he/she pays $399.95 per month.

This tool will offer you to add ten domains at a time to check the rank of your competitor’s website. It updates the data daily. It gives ranking changes updates weekly. This google ranking checker will provide an entire workflow for any search engine optimization (SEO) professional. The user can add keywords by multiple methods.

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