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Nov / 04

5 Steps for Perfect SEO Dubai

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5 Steps for Perfect SEO Dubai

In organic search there is a process of discovery and then overlay. Discovery is defining what sites that ranked above you in Google and overlay is then taking that knowledge and correcting the discrepancies within your own site. Scarlet Media, a SEO expert Dubai shares some details with you. For the best SEO Dubai below 5 steps are crucial:

Step 1: Create a to-do list for On-site SEO Dubai

*You want your brand to be seen in more search results. First step is to check your website and control if title, description and other tags are done properly for each page. Simply press CTRL+U to view the source of your page and look for them in the code. If you need help on this, you can contact us anytime at +971526998809 or

Check where your website is getting traffic from. To do this you can use or for a free trial. Also check your competitor websites and understand what your site lacks.

For SEO Dubai has a lot of competition among certain keywords, so try to understand the dynamics.

Step 2: Research

Use Google Keywords planner to find which keywords have the highest search volume in your region. Create Google Webmaster Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to check past traffic sources. Here are some basic research you need to do:

*Keyword analysis

*Anchor text / internal site structure

*Code optimization and use of html

*Back link profile plus recent gained / lost back links analysis

*Use of trust factors and social media links

*Analysis of Google search console / analytics, Google +, Webmaster tools

Step 3: Content strategy:

Create a content strategy based both on existing content, competitor analysis, and through discussion around core keywords.

*Content will be written using creative onsite solutions that engage the visitor and drive larger amounts of traffic to your site from Google.

*Content can include data optimization. This is looking primarily on product information and how it is presented on the website and looking for ways to maximize on the time and effort taken to create the data including how the data links together

When creating content, for a perfect SEO Dubai, use one keyword for each page.

Step 4: On page optimization plan

*Through a process of research Scarlet can optimize and implement changes to your site in terms of maximizing benefit from existing content, to improving the code and overall functionality or UI experience in SEO UAE.

*Part of this process is the agreeing / creating of hub pages and examining the sites internal link structure and how this can be improved to increase traffic / conversion levels.

*Another part of the process is having the correct “trust factors” in place. This would include a number of social media links / pages to be created

Step 5: Back link strategy

*As new pages and content are created, build new links to help maximize the overall SEO effect.

*Back link profile / Check back link profile and disavow redundant links.

*Build new links built on theme pages from sites that rank well / create content and agree anchor text strategy.


We strongly advise to use a SEO expert Dubai to fulfill your needs, as SEO is a long and tiring process.

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