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Social Media Advertising Agency Dubai

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Social Media Advertising Agency Dubai

At Scarlet, a leading social media advertising agency Dubai, we start monitoring your social media with a social media strategy. We produce creative and advanced social media strategies to build your brand awareness and to gain exposure & engagement.

We first analyze your social media space and determine the best approach to use and content to create for your target audience. Then, we create and manage social campaigns designed for brand awareness, engagement, and website traffic through social channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Before starting any campaign we test the content. We always make sure that our content is viral enough to deserve an ad investment. By building a strong connection with your audience and your brand, we ensure that the consumers will more likely be willing to buy the product/service in time..

Scarlet team focuses on engagement (likes, comments, etc.) more than anything on your social media channels. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection will be with your audience. Dubai is very social and as a social media advertising agency Dubai is a weapon to build our content artillery.

We call ourselves “Digital Craftsmen” who create meaningful digital buzz by maintaining an in-depth online marketing approach that focuses on delivering local leads to brands.

“We pour our hearts and souls into our projects to become the most social agency in the brand’s history,” says Kivanc Kilicer, CEO of Scarlet Media Middle East and Africa.

Social Media Advertising Agency Dubai

As a boutique social media advertising agency Dubai, Scarlet prefers to use social media push using alternative content after each campaign to polish the results. For the final touch, press bulletins about the campaign are served to media. The need for a social media advertising agency in the Middle East is obvious as local language (Arabic) is more commonly used than English in the area. A developed facebook advertising agency or youtube advertising agency in the Middle East is a crucial factor in creating the right communication with the brand’s target audience

“Sometimes digital PR and social media marketing bring better results than digital advertising alone in the Middle East. Through our network of editors, bloggers, aficionados (like foodies, shopaholics etc.), we use online presence as a marketing tool to help to position the brand towards its core target audience to drive sales or raise awareness” says Ayse Yildirim, Digital Coordinator of Scarlet Media.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has over 2 billion active users, and those users spend several hours per week on the platform. Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online in the modern era. The CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, on Facebook, ranges from $5-10. This means that you can literally spend less than $10 and reach over 1,000 people.

Facebook advertising gives a great opportunity to businesses of all sizes to reach their desired audience and sell directly to them. Businesses who gain advantage from Facebook ads can significantly grow their business in a predictable and measurable fashion. Because of this, Facebook advertising is fundamental to the success of business owners who wish to grow quickly.

At Scarlet we employ advanced Facebook tactics for our clients which include A/B split testing, re-marketing, and conversion optimization. We help our clients to create effective ads for their brand and continually optimize for optimal results. We test variations of several ads to see which one performs the best. We install conversion pixels on your website to pinpoint the exact number of leads/sales you receive in a specific period of time to measure the performance of your ads. These practices are fundamental to implementing a profitable Facebook ads campaign.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world, and after Google, it is the second largest search engine. YouTube advertising or video advertising is a method of advertising media enriched with video. As an experienced social media advertising agency in Dubai, Scarlet offers to increase online sales and raise brand awareness by launching videos of new products and promoting your videos. We create YouTube content for your brand and advertise them on YouTube via video ads. Video ads allow you a better connection with potential customers on a distinct and unique way.

YouTube advertising provides the possibility of targeting specific age, gender, location, interests, and certain other characteristics of users. YouTube advertising offers possibility of getting the best positions on the page, determining the marketing budget which you plan to invest, and the ability to accurately measure the success of each campaign through tools that show how people respond to your videos. YouTube’s TrueView advertising provides excellent control to the advertiser, the link between the AdWords and YouTube channel gives plenty of deep analytical data.

YouTube’s TrueView advertising can connect you with your audience in three ways:

  •    TrueView In-stream: Viewers have the option to watch the entire video, or “skip ad” after 5 seconds. There are no limits for the duration of ads, but advertisers will be charged only if the user watches the video clip for at least 30 seconds or the entire of it.
  •    TrueView In-display: Viewers have the option to click on your ad. The advertiser pays only when a user opens and starts watching the video.
  •    TrueView In-search ads: Your ad appears in the search results during the search.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is a key platform for Dubai social media advertising. Instagram, with over 800 million monthly users, provides for a large audience for businesses to target. This social media platform is one of the most used mobile platforms over the world, and since it is owned by Facebook, businesses who use Instagram advertising opportunity will have access to the strongest targeting features on the internet. 75% of Instagram users take action on ads they see on their news feed, and over 1/3 of its users have used the platform to purchase a product online.

Although costs associated with advertising through Instagram is much lower than other channels, Instagram advertising has proven to be more effective than other forms of advertising that currently exists. Our social media agency carries out Instagram advertising by A/B split testing, conversion tracking, using look-a-like audiences, and much more. Advertising agencies in Dubai use Instagram also for event engagement using influencers and bloggers.

Twitter Advertising

All ad agencies in Dubai pay special attention when it comes to twitter advertising. Twitter, with over 313 million monthly active users and over 6,000 tweets sent every second, is a relevant advertising platform for all businesses. At Scarlet, we help our clients implement Twitter advertising to increase their brand’s profile both on and off social media. Since 79% of Twitter users recommend a brand that they follow, Twitter presents a huge opportunity for businesses to develop relationships with their targeted audience and convert them into brand advocates.

Twitter’s advertising platform enables you to achieve paid placement in the Twitter timeline and influences how you are placed as a recommendation, allowing you to grow your audience and reliably reach them for increased lead production. We help our clients develop a comprehensive organic and paid Twitter advertising strategy that will boost their businesses. Our Twitter advertising strategies drive brand awareness and meet your social marketing goals by participating in trending topics and Twitter chats, scheduling curated and original content tweets, engaging with your followers, and creating highly targeted paid advertisements.

Targeting is one of the unique selling points of Twitter advertising. By keyword targeting strategy we use, we match ads to people who are tweeting about relevant keywords; reach people with specific interests or followers of specific accounts; re-marketing, to capture users who have engaged with your website. Twitter users can see Twitter ads on relevant search result pages, on homepages, and within their timelines. We also offer promoted tweets, accounts or trends.

The most popular of them are promoted tweets, which are a low cost and effective way of increasing engagement with relevant users. This creative type is not just limited to tweets – but also expands to using Twitter to push creative videos, links to websites or even links to app stores. Another option is a promoted account, which is great for increasing account awareness, expanding your followers or gaining popularity for new but active accounts. Promoted trends are also useful when merging marketing strategy on different channels together, and increasing general exposure to specific accounts / hashtags.

Do you need a Social Media Advertising Agency Dubai?

If you are looking for a social media advertising agency Dubai, Scarlet would help you grow your content and audience in less than six months from scratch. You can contact us at +971526998809 or mail@scarletmedia.net

For video content production, visit our sister company: www.skyrocketmedia.org


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