Social Media Agency Dubai
Jun / 17

Social Media Agency Dubai

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Social Media Agency Dubai

When it comes to social media agency Dubai offers many alternatives. But what makes a social media agency Dubai different? Do all agencies give the same service? In fact what makes the real difference in terms of customer satisfaction, is the correlation between brand objectives and marketing investment outcomes.

Are you opting to engage a media agency for your business setup? This can be a smart move to boost your brand awareness. There are several benefits of hiring media agencies as they maintain the company’s engagement with targeted customers. It also allows you to save some time and spend it more efficiently. Moreover, hiring a media agency can save unnecessary expenses for digital marketing.


Which Social Media Agency Dubai ?

Here are some of the best media agencies operating in Dubai.


Scarlet Media

Do you wish to increase your revenue through paid search? Then it’s time to visit Scarlet media. This media agency involves use of search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) in its services. Its PPC lets you apply paid advertising in services, allowing you to experience increased web traffic and revenue.


The operators of Scarlet Media are skilled in developing and executing digital campaign on social media, web and mobile platforms. This media agency design and develop attractive mobile applications and web sites for small, medium and large scale businesses. The best thing about this media agency is that they offer a unique digital strategy for every business.

Scarlet media agency has closely worked with notable brands, such as Swatch Group, Calzedonia, Zilli, Brioni, Berluti, Sandisk, Kuwait Financial House, Saudia, Ford, and more. All the services offered by this media agency are_

Online Advertising

Social Media Management

Content development

Programmatic Advertising

Branding Consultancy


OOH and traditional media


POP Communication

This media agency is a proud member of MEPRA (Middle East Public Relations Association).

This media agency is based in Dubai and the team of POP Communication has worked for a diverse portfolio of regional as well as international clients. We would be glad to know that the experts of this media agency are skilled enough to properly maintain public relations of your setup. POP Communication also offers consultation and develops a unique marketing strategy for your business.

They provide expert services to the clients of varied industries, such as hospitality, design, furniture, beauty, tourism, art, education, luxury, travel and what not! POP Communications has its office located in the Regal Tower, Dubai.


All the services offered by POP Communication are_

Social Media (Crisis management, advertising, marketing, content development)

Graphic design

Public Relation (Press Release, competition analysis, distribution, Monitoring)


Event (Event planning and management)


Dice Marketing and Advertising

All the services offered by media agency are:

Social media (Strategy planning, Content writing, Creative Copywriting)

Event (Public Relations, Event management, Corporate events)


Graphic designing (Creative concept, infographics)

It is interesting enough to know that Dice Marketing and Advertising also holds the Guinness World Record for the Longest Line of Photographs in 2017.


Skyrocket Dubai

Skyrocket Dubai is a full-service digital agency with experience of over 15 years. The executives at this digital agency are eager to precisely understand client’s requirement and offer the best video production in Dubai and content strategy to help a setup stand out of the crowd.


Skyrocket stays ahead of its competitors in the use of modern technology and its implications for video marketing. They are skilled in using augmented reality, 3D Animation, Holographic Display and many more. Sounds exciting! Right?

They offer a wide array of services:




2d 3d production

Video editing and Youtube advertising

The office of Skyrocket is located in Dubai Media City. This digital marketing agency of Dubai skillfully operates several video production teams


Choosing the best one

It is important to choose the best one for your business needs. All the media agencies execute the same task; however, you need to take care of some of the factors, before choosing the right one. You must be assured that the media agency conduct precise market analysis regularly. It is also important to check that they properly understand the financial concept for your business. It is important to choose a media agency for a business that believe in customizing plans for each client and meet all the business objectives.

Scarlet Media team is analytic and data driven, trying to discover new ways of reaching “unreached levels” of high ROI in social media management. Simply, they offer unmatched ideas for growth. using social tools. Creating engaging content is what they are best at. For a social media agency Dubai has many tools and Scarlet uses them great. You can check out some of their works here:

Social Media Agency Dubai


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