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Jun / 16

Media Agency

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Media Agency

Media agency evaluates and buys promotional mediums to convey a brand’s message to its audience. In fewer words, media buying is to buy ad space for the purpose of advertising products or promoting the brand.

At Scarlet, professional media agency,  media buying is both a science and an art, which results in generating strategic and cost-efficient media plans focused on targeted audiences for our clients. We possess years of industry experience and knowledge to harness the full potential of an ever-widening media landscape, including radio, TV, print, out-of-home, digital-based platforms and more. As one of the top digital media agencies, our team at Scarlet understands how to effectively get your message to the public and achieve your marketing goals.

Media buying is crucial to reaching the relevant target audience for every brand. When strategizing media buying services, our media marketing considers the brand, the product, the target audience, and the goal of the client as a whole.

Here at Scarlet, we offer an entire landscape of media opportunities to formulate a plan to reach our client’s target audience. We offer both traditional and digital media agency solutions for our clients.

Print Media Agency

Even with the evolution of digital marketing, traditional advertising still offers significant value to advertisers. We underline the advantages of print media buying and this helps our clients to evaluate, negotiate, and execute necessary promotions. We connect our clients to their audience through magazines, newspapers, direct mailing, and via other print related products.

TV and Radio Media Agency

With the rapidly expanding world of digital media, television media buying and radio media buying are still as important to reach target audiences today as they ever have been. Individuals still follow the traditional media outlets, with the right media agency you will reach your audience and advertise your services or product. As one of the top media agencies, our team at Scarlet will help your company to achieve the highest potential with 30 and 15-second video or audio ads.

Outdoor Media Agency

Outdoor media buying, also known as out-of-home advertising, makes it possible to reach your audiences when they are out of their home, offices, or schools. It brings advertisement to your audience whenever they are with billboards, transits, and digital screens. Scarlet media buying team served world’s famous brands for outdoor media buying solutions. Ulysse Nardin, Zilli, Brioni, Berluti, Swatch, Omega, Tissot are some of the brands that chose Scarlet for OOH advertising in Middle East and Turkey.

Digital Media Buying

Digital marketing and digital media take a brand new meaning with new marketing evolutions day by day. We live in a mostly digital age and this fact makes digital media agency the most effective type of media investment strategy. As a digital media agency, Scarlet constantly adopts new platforms, devices, and publishers into its digital marketing pool in order to direct your message effectively and efficiently. There are many types of digital media buying options we offer to our clients to reach higher ROI and conversion rates.


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